Phony Orphants is one of the core Iboga artists, being at the forefront during all the labels history, writing cutting edge progressive dance music in a very high quality, a quality which has risen to a new level with the “Computer Music” album.

Phony Orphants, consisting of Mikael “Emok” Dahlgaard & Jeppe Ørnkilde has previously released two successful albums on Iboga Records, namely “Symphony” (2003) & “It´Cetra” (2005).

Besides those two albums they have released countless of single tracks and remixes on compilations and Emok has also written two solo albums as Maelstrom.

With the new album at hand, we can assure you that every detail is carefully crafted with passion, patience & great skill.

Enjoy Phony Orphant’s high-octane music – outstanding sound production and to date by far the best work from the Danish duo.