Jay Wikid’s crafty basslines will turn your insides out and have you grinding before you know it. His 100% original sets and musical recipes blend infectious hip hop rhythms with light sprinkles of glitchy fun – smothered with a topping of bassline warfare. Many years ago now, the Canadian producer was chosen by Bassnectar as his protege; their first collaborative release, “Select Frequency”, was the #1 Hip Hop track on Beatport for over 3 weeks and subsequently licensed to MTV, where it continues to rack up international plays. Jay has also collaborated with other big names such as Opiuo, Subvert, Ill-Esha, Glitchy And Scratchy, and Jantsen to name a few. Expect energetic hip hop and dancehall breaks, overdriven glitchy crunk, sexy and melodic dubstep and electrozested zipper basslines. Jay is furiously locked in the studio preparing a dynamic live show for his first international tour.

His enthusiasm immediately ignites any dancefloor – watch him throb and bob, energetically dancing along with his crowd, as he twists and warps his wompy style productions. Whatever genre he’s playing, you can count on Jay to keep it squishy, glitchy and sexy all at the same time. Straight rowdy! After his feverish and headrocking set at PK Village (Shambhala 2010) Jay shows no signs of slowing down. Jay Wikid + Opiuo destroyed the Beatport breaks charts, with the original single called “Panty Slingshot” from An-Ten-Nae’s compilation Acid Crunk Vol. 3 on Additech released by Muti Music. Jay has headlined many shows and festivals with some of the scene’s biggest names including Bassnectar, VibeSquaD, Tipper, Doctor P, Hive, Ill-Esha, Jantsen, Ill Gates, Nero, Subvert to name just a few. Jay is currently booked to destroy PK’s Village Stage @ Shambhala 2011 on Friday Night!

/// Bassnectar- “my favorite Producer” /// Ill Gates- “your Killin it bro” /// Opiuo- ” heaps of wikid at the village lastnight” /// Doctor P- ” Sick set man, SEND ME SOME TUNES?” /// Illesha- “sickest beats in the world” /// PK sound- ” No doubt you and Subvert are making bangers, you 2 ABUSE these PK stacks…in a good way” ///