The undisputed first and most legendary DJ of all time, this Superstar boasts a resume that other DJs can’t even dream about.

A visionary turned iconic pioneer, Keoki spearheaded the movement and spawned the growth of electronic music around the world.

Over two million records sold… Limelight, Party Monster, Ego Trip… five million miles traveling around the world… the ups, the downs, and the fame and fortune; Keoki is truly a living legend – the first, last, and only of his kind.

Keoki, now more than ever, still rocks out with the most wicked mind blowing sets you will ever hear always sprinkling in that special Superstar showmanship and signature theatrics.

His supporters are understandably fanatical traveling and coming out in flocks from all over if Keoki is playing anywhere remotely close.

In the midst of a major resurgence, feeling “rejuvenated, inspired, and more focused than ever” Keoki is the busiest and most productive he has ever been.

Most recently he has retreated to the high Denver mountains working relentlessly on his forthcoming album. Being his first full album in almost ten years coupled with star studded list of heavy hitting producers, this is certain to be one of the most highly anticipated dance releases of all time.

In support of the album there will be a fully scaled world tour, the debut of his custom clothing line, and the release of his fully detailed career and personal autobiography – and who knows, maybe this will get made into a movie.

The legend continues…