[AMP] : Artist Request

This Artist Request Form initiates the Artist Booking process. Artist Request submissions serve as official & binding offers that will remain open until either accepted or declined by [AMP] whereas an [AMP] counter-offer is indicative of neither. If & only if this Artist Request is accepted by [AMP] will an Artist Booking Agreement be issued and in which case is to be completed & returned to [AMP] within no more than two (2) full business days. All Artist Bookings require Booking Deposit equal to fifty-percent (50%) of the Artist Fee which is to be made within no more than four (4) full business days of Artist Booking Agreement issuance. The remaining fifty-percent (50%) of the Artist Fee shall then be deposited no less than four (4) full days prior to the date of the event. The Artist Fee is not inclusive of any Artist Rider obligation which Purchaser is responsible for understanding, following, and fulfilling in it’s entirety and at his sole expense in addition to the Artist Fee. Artist Riders may be downloaded directly from the [AMP] website at any time.